The Vampire Lovers (1970)

The Vampire Lovers

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It’s time for a classic lesbian vampire movie. The Vampire Lovers is absolutely one of the breast horror flicks ever. The film is loaded with titillating sequences. The Vampire Lovers is a late entry from the boobs at Hammer films. They must have felt it was time to get the female vampire idea off their soft fleshy chests, because this picture is stacked … with talent. Production wise, it’s easily the bust movie of it’s era. In fact, the first time I saw The Vampire Lovers, it almost knockered me silly. You may be getting the idea that there’s some nice skin in The Vampire Lovers and you’re correct!

The Vampire Lovers is based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla. The story of a lusty female vampire preceded Dracula by 25 years. The Hammer version is by far the best adaptation of this rare horror literature classic. The basic story is that a family of vampires, the Kardashi … oops, I mean the Karnsteins, are running a pretty cool scam across the countryside. They show up at parties given by wealthy people who have succulent teenage daughters.  Then they fake an emergency and ask if they can leave their daughter behind for awhile. The scam is that the daughter is a vampire who proceeds to suck the innocence out of her nubile young victims.

The Vampire Lovers


Ingrid Pitt sizzles as the vampire Camilla. She must have an extremely talented tongue because she effortlessly seduces just about every attractive woman in the picture. My favorite scene was when she tells the totally naive young hottie that she loves her. The girls’ jaw dropped almost to the floor and her eyes went blank.  She looked as if she had never even considered that girl to girl love was even a thing. There’s plenty of semi nude frolicking and Ms Pitt ( or possibly her body double ) puts on a very impressive display of her luscious curves. Ms. Bush even puts in a brief appearance.

The Vampire Lovers is not just a sexy movie. It’s a Hammer film about vampires, so certain conventions must be followed. Peter Cushing appears as one of the good old guys. There’s a graphic staking, of course. The characters have an extensive and very fashionable wardrobe. The female characters are presented in a weird mixture of Victorian clothing paired with swinging London hair and makeup. Wisely, the director added a new and much appreciated twist by having the vampire bite the victim just above the nipple instead of on the neck. Just one more example of how Hammer kept things visually appealing for their intended audience, at least moist of the time.


The Vampire Lovers

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