The Tingler (1959) [67]

The Tingler

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Last night’s film, The Tingler may be the greatest shitty movie ever made. It has an outrageous premise played straight but strangely, taken in a logical but preposterous direction by a director committed to showmanship. I first saw The Tingler with my parents and brother Frank at the South Hills Theater in Dormont, That was a little bit of a drive for us from our apartment in Collier Township, so it was probably my mom who was taken in by the advertising bltz. Even though none of the seats were wired for shock, when the lights went out and Vincent Price announced “The Tinger is loose in the Theater, everyone scream!”, everyone screamed.

On our recent tour of Italy, the House of Stuff gang appeared at many interesting venues and meet many excited fans.  By far the creepiest place we visited was The Bone Chapel in Rome.  Near the meeting point we discovered an amazing place to eat,  the Trattoria La Primo , serves an excellent t-boneas wekk as fresh seafood.  My good friend and waiter Alfredo, requested I run “il mostro di sangue”. In honor of a great meal and a great place to relax, I bring you The Tingler.

The Tingler

The Tingler is one of the most unique movies ever made. Director William Castle opens the film by appearing on camera to warn the audience that they are about to experience a terrifying movie and if they get too scared, scream. This is followed by about 30 seconds of screaming faces floating across the screen. Then the credits roll and we meet Ollie, a man who has noting better to do so he attends his brother-in-laws execution and autopsy. While performing the autopsy, Vincent explains to everyone has a creature living inside them that feeds on fear and that screaming reduces the creatures strength, naturally he names the creature The Tingler.

The unrestrained audacity of director William Castle and screen writer Rob White make The Tingler pure fun.  Vincent wonders what would happen if someone was unable to scream and is then introduced to Ollie’s wife, a deaf mute woman who lives above a movie theater.  Vincent take an LSD trip almost a decade before the Beatles made it a mandatory rite of passage.  He then injects her with “something to calm you down” and she’s frightened to death.  The tub full of blood is in color while the rest of the film is black and white. And yes, The Tinger gets loose in the theater.  You can’t beat this movie, not even with a club.

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