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Welcome to the House of Stuff!

Every year since I can remember I stayed up late and watched scary movies on Halloween.  With the invention of the VCR I was able to take control of the movie selection and playing times.  I joined a video service and began running horror movies starting at the beginning of October.  Each year I started running the movies I love earlier and earlier so I could show more films.  

The 2015 Halloween Film Festival and this blog, kicked off June 1 and included 103 films. I had a great time watching and writing about some of my favorite movies as well as a few stinkers.  Most of the movies I screen are discs from either Netflix or my extensive private collection, which typically originated on eBay.  I’m starting to use YouTube as a source of last resort.  I also have an associate, the Countess of Crummy Movies, who occasionally contributes hard to find titles.

The blog itself has been an ongoing learning experience.  Under the video tutorship of Tyler Moore, I spent some time upgrading my WordPress skills.  The result was a new look and new features for the 2016 Halloween Film Festival. For 2017 I was hoping to get away with only a few tweaks here and there but no such luck.  Over time it became difficult to implement changes due to having installed too many plugins.  The result is a new look for the House of Stuff once again.   

I hope you find my site entertaining.

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