The Quiet Ones (2014)

The Quiet Ones

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Last night’s feature was The Quiet Ones. It’s a recent entry from the new Hammer Studios. At this point I’d have to say that the new Hammer ain’t the old Hammer. Both are British and both make horror films but that’s about where the similarities end. These new guys seem to forgo sex and violence in favor of plot. Rather than classic sexy chillers like The Brides of Dracula or The Vampire Lovers they’ve been cranking out Let Me In and The Woman in Black. Not bad so far, but a little more skin and a bit more action would be in line with the tradition of Hammer Films.

I’ll admit it, the reason I scheduled The Quiet Ones was due to the presence or Erin Richards. She made this movie before landing her role on Gotham as the crazy but sexy Barbara Keene. In The Quiet Ones she plays the slutty female assistant. Ms. Richards wears a provocative outfit in every scene she appears in and some of the outfits are more like fetish costumes. Umm umm. She even takes a bath in one scene and gets attacked by something. But here’s where the new Hammer is different, the camera doesn’t capture any nudity other than knees, back and shoulders. These guys are a class act.


The Quiet Ones


The Quiet Ones is based on true events. A professor gathers 2 assistants and a cameraman to help him cure a young female patient who appears to be possessed or something like that. The theory is that the girl is manifesting psychic phenomenon that take the appearance of a demon. A giant tongue like thing shoots out of her mouth. The fuse box blows. A few people get banged up. The question for the viewer is … what the hell is going on? Is this a movie about a demon or a mutant or something else? The twist ending is complicated enough that it felt so-whatish. But then there’s a twist to the twist that relieves the confusion by changing the subject.

During the opening credits of The Quiet Ones, the words “based on actual events” or something to that effect scrolled by. When the film ended they showed black and white photo of different people doing things that happened in the movie. My thought was these were the actual people so it must have happened just like the in film. Wrong. I did a little research and found that it was very loosely based on the Phillip Experiment. Wow ! Talk about loosely based. The Phillip team invented a character, then held a seance and called the fictional dude … the table shook. The conclusion was someone subconsciously bumped it.  Yeah, just like the film.



The Quiet Ones

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