Pinocchio’s Revenge (1996)

Pinocchios Revenge

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I usually try to start of a new season with a few outrageous movies and Pinocchio’s Revenge seemed to fit the description. I actually tried to schedule this gem for last October but due to the incredible demand for Pinocchio’s Revenge, Netflix made me reschedule. When I was around 10 or so, my dad was suppossed to watch me but instead he dropped me off at the Grand Theater in Carnegie so I could watch Walt Disney’s Pinocchio while he hung out with his friends. I felt a little old for the film but I did enjoy it. I was expecting/hoping for something really crazy from Pinocchio’s Revenge but it wasn’t all that over the top.  Probably no crazier than hanging out with my dads friends at the coffee shop.

A criminal defense attorney is handeling the appeal of a man convicted of killing his son. The investigators found the child’s body buried next to a 3 foot tall Pinocchio puppet. Soemhow the puppet makes it’s way from the evidence room into the attorney’s car and from there right into a childs birthday party. Of course the girl falls in love with Pinocchio right away and will not allow Mom to return it to the police station. Naturally, bad things start happening to people.


Pinocchio's Revenge


Pinocchio’s Revenge is another evil doll movie. It’s not particularly good but it’s not all that bad either. It’s one of those “is the doll really alive or is it all in the person’s head?” kind of stories. The film makers seem to want to have it both way because they do show Pinocchio moving but then they lead the audience to believe it was an illusion. In any case, whoever carved the puppet did a really nice job. It’s not scary looking like Chucky or Annabelle, it actually looks like a well crafted version of the classic character.

The highlight of Pinocchio’s Revenge has to be when the nanny takes a shower. Candace McKenzie steals the film as the Italian housekeeper. She manages to top the shower scene from Psycho, simply by taking her clothes off and lathering up. This actress has an absolutely unforgettable set of talents.  Mrs. Bush even makes a brief appearance.  What a performance, I never for an instant doubted that she was Italian, despite her name. Now that’s what I call entertainment!



Pinocchio’s Revenge 


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