The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring 2

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My daughter, The Weird Young Lady and her two children, The Castle Pranksters, just came out for a visit.  The 5 of us made an appearance at the Livermore Rodeo and everyone had a blast.  By my count, in terms of inflicting pain, the score was animals 3, riders 0.   Those cowboys do take a beating.  The Pranksters enjoyed the event, especially buying cowboy hats and riding the mechanical bull.  During a brief afternoon break my daughter and I managed to slip out and attend a showing of The Conjuring 2 at  the Cinema West here in Livermore.  Check out the new recliner seats, thumbs up! 


The Conjuring 2 is another “true” adventure of Lorraine and Ed Warren.  This time the dynamic duo travel to Great Britan, to deal with the infamous Enfield case.  If you wiki the Enfield Case you’ll find plenty of skepticism and a strong belief that the events that the family reported were all fabricated.  The movie does show that the Warrens believed that the family did make up some things but also that the Warrens claimed to have witnesses other events that could only have been attributed to the supernatural.  

The Conjuring 2

 OK so how was the movie you ask? A bit long and a lot scary.  Like most old guys, anything over 2 hours is a challenge for my bladder. The Conjuring 2 clocks in at 2:14, so I was squirming a bit by the end. The Conjuring 2 had a couple of “jump out of your seat in surprise moments” and some very effective confrontation scenes.  The monster nun was particularly well designed and the scenes in which she apeared were all effective.  Then there’s Bill the Ghost,  I’ll just say, if that were my house I would have thrown out that damn chair. 


I have to comment on the use of music in The Conjuring 2. When the director tries to use a popular tune played loudly as a shortcut it seems silly and out of place.  The movie is set in 1977, “London Calling” by The Clash came out in 1979.   Then there’s the Bee Gee’s 1968 hit “I Started A Joke” played after one of the girls is caught staging an event … how lame can you get?  On the bright side, Patrick Wilson’s Elvis intimation scene is wonderful and when “Can’t Help Falling in Love” actually plays, it’s the perfect ending.  

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