Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Annabelle: Creation

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I was able to hastily reschedule the festival to take advantage of the local showing of Annabelle:Creation. There was a large but well behaved crowd of at least 7 people on hand for the special House of Stuff 11:15 am showing. Annabelle:Creation is the fourth in a series of movies that were more or less based on a version of a story that someone said might possibly be true, sort of. OK, we all know the real Annabelle is a basic Raggedy Anne doll that looks nothing like the one in the movie, but who cares?

Producer James Wan brings back the terrifying toy in a story that somehow manages to add to the already established origin. Based on his successful involvement with the Saw, Insidious, Lights Out and Conjuring franchises he’s earned the nickname … “Wan the Man”. Annabelle:Creation is yet another notch on the producers belt. From what I understand there are already two more Conjuring related movies underway. Wan the Man has produced an exceptional body of modern horror films. He’s probably headed for a couple of lousy films at some point but so far I’m enjoying the glut.


Annabelle: Creation

The plot of Annabelle:Creation is simple. A doll maker and his wife lost their only child in an accident. An evil spirit that they mistakenly believed was their daughter inhabited one of the dolls. There were problems and the doll was locked “safely” away. Years later, the couple try to do penance for their mistake and convert their home into an all girls orphanage. Naturally things don’t work out the way the couple envisioned … again. 

The success of Annabelle:Creation is due in large part to the suspenseful direction of David F. Sandberg. Through out the film, he teases the audience with scary scenes that turns out to be false alarms. Later there are a couple of scenes where something is actually wrong, but then nothing happens. Eventually the thrills start to become meaningful, although only 3 characters are killed during the entire movie. Right up until the last 2 or 3 minutes of Annabelle:Creation I just couldn’t see the connection between this movie and the other Annabelle origin film. Then in a quick montage fashion, the two origin stories were tied together perfectly. Not bad, not bad at all.


Annabelle: Creation

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