95. Psycho (1960)


IMDB Entry – Psycho 

When I was about 8 years old, my family went to see Psycho at the Twin Highways Drive In and yes, that may explain a few things.  Even at that age I found the movie spellbinding from beginning to end , although I didn’t actually “get” everything. It was a real pleasure to screen the movie last night and it played to a full house. 

The film is close to perfect.  Every scene seems to have at least one exceptional camera shot.  The music complements the action on the screen to a degree seldom achieved.  The acting is superb and the story is engrossing. Director Alfred Hitchcock and his crew  succeeded in making one of the best horror films ever.psycho

Psycho changed horror movies. The movies of the 30’s were pretty much based on supernatural stories usually  set well in the past.  As technology became more prevalent in society, science run amok themed horror films caught on.  These movies obviously couldn’t happen. Psycho introduced the movie audience to the uncomfortable idea that a person living nearby might be a knife wielding homicidal  maniac and a pervert. 

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