88. Annabelle (2014)


IMDB Entry – Annabelle 

Another Saturday night blockbuster at the 2015 Halloween Film Festival.  I was expecting a capacity crowd but Beth chose to finish sewing rather than watch Annabelle.  Once I told her it was the prequel to The Conjuring, there was no chance she watch it.  Last year Beth walked out on The Conjuring because it was too scary for her! 

This expands on the story of the haunted doll by providing an origin and a family being tormented.  The origin part was particularly good right up until the moment the spirit entered the doll, too much like Chucky’s origin in Child’s Play.  The story was well told, utilizing the latest techniques to scare the crap of of the audience, but basically it a haunted doll story. 


Since the first movie was supposed to be “true” was this an accurate portrayal of the actual events surrounding the doll?  I did a little investigation and found that the “true” parts are only those that deal with the nursing students.  The dolls origin and the mayhem depicted in this film was custom written for the movie. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but it doesn’t always produce an exciting film. 


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