82. The Woman Eater (1958)


IMDB Entry – The Woman Eater  

No, last night’s movie wasn’t about me, that film will be playing later this month.  I remember seeing The Woman Eater at the Grand Theater in Carnegie as part of a double bill around 1960.  It was one of the first times I went to a movie without my parents. During the “scary” parts  my friends the Lane brothers would cover their eyes with candy boxes while I bravely stared at the screen. 

It’s one of those “guy goes on a jungle exhibition to discover the secret of eternal life and comes back with trouble” movies, British style.  The “secret” is a plant that the villain is experimenting with.  The plant of course eats only hot looking women.  The “mad botanist” want to be famous for being able to resurrect the dead but he doesn’t have any one in particular he wants to bring back. 

The movie takes place in Britain only a few years before the Beatles, Rolling Stones etc were unleashed.  The women wear dresses and seamed stockings all day. At the carnival, when they order drinks, it’s orange not Pepsi or Coke and it comes in a glass, not a paper cup. The police ride bicycles and they appear to be one speeds. 

The monster looks like a cross between a furry tree and an octopus.  The servant is appropriately creepy even when playing the bongos.  The native sacrifice number is pretty good, made better by the lovely actress being sacrificed.  All things considered, this is a pretty good bedtime story. 

woman eater


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