27. A Bucket of Blood (1959)


IMDB Entry – A Bucket of Blood 

The best movie about Beatniks makes a return to the festival.  I remember seeing previews for A Bucket of Blood when it played the Grand Theater in Carnegie but I was too young to go see it myself.  I may have seen it on late night TV once.  When VCR’s came out I must have rented this a half dozen times before buying VHS copy then a DVD. 

The movie opens in a coffee house with a recitation of an avant-garde poem by resident beatnik Maxwell.  Anthony Carbone owns the club, Dick Miller is busboy Walter Paisley and  Barboura Morris is the waitress.  Roger Corman, Charles B. Griffth, Bruno VeSota, that’s right the big guns of low budget cinema are all here.  And let’s not forget The Third Time I met Phyllis She Exploded! 

 The only bummer in the movies is the guy playing guitar and singing.  He’s just too straight to be entertaining this crowd.  It would have been amazingly cool if Corman could have persuaded a young Captain Beefheart to perform an acoustic version of “Lick My Decals Off Baby” for the film. 

bucket-of-blood 2


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