101. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


IMDB Entry – Bride of Frankenstein

If there’s a better horror film than this, I’ve never seen it. While Frankenstein was perfect, Bride of Frankenstein goes beyond perfect. I chose to show the 2 films back to back to highlight what an unduplicated one two punch these 2 pictures represent.

Colin Clive, Boris Karloff and Dwight Frye all return.  Universal reached into their  bag of oddball character actors and added Ernest Thesiner, Una  O’Connor, E.E. Clive and John Carradine to the mixWith four years of technical advancements between movies, the sequel looks and sounds better than the original.

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This is Boris Karloff’s finest movie, in fact no actor has ever portrayed a monster as effectively as Karloff in this film.  At times you feel genuinely sorry for him, then he breaks someone neck.  Stan Lee mentioned in his book Origins Of Marvel Comics that Karloff’s portrayal of the misunderstood creature was the inspiration for The Incredible Hulk. Top that Dracula – Godzilla  – Jason – Freddy – Alien  or any other monster.


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